11 Best Kuala Lumpur Nightclubs

Quick stop in Kuala Lumpur, a vibrant city that’s full of vigour and energy. When the night comes, the city immediately comes to life with some of the best nightclubs the city has to offer. This is a list of 11 best nightclubs I’ve found in Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Zouk KL

This is one of the best nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur. It also has been voted as the “Best Nightspot Experience” 6 times by the Singapore Tourism Board. This club has a VIP lounge, members lounge, rooftop deck, a restaurant and other things to offer for visitors.

  1. Club Kyo & Ren Lounge

Kyo is a Hip-Hop/ RnB club while Ren Lounge is a house and techno club that opens from 11pm and is from established promoters like The Sweatbox. This club is in the basement of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and built with minimalist architecture as well as Asian influences. This place has European music and Asian cultures with a mysterious atmosphere.

  1. Fuze Club KL

This club is in the city centre’s Golden Triangle and has a warehouse-like dance area that allows up to 1,300 people. It is also home to Flux Club KL, the second room of Fuze that allows up to 200 people. The second room was created to pay homage to hip hop music and urban lifestyle with the breath-taking lighting system as one of its largest attractions.

  1. Prime Touch Luxury

This nightclub is designed with class and character. It is one of the newest and most popular nightclub spots. This nightclub is in the city centre on level 31 skyscraper “Wisma Goldhill” and this place has some of the best hip-hop, R&B as well as EDM music for you to party fashionably.

  1. Play Club at the roof

This nightclub hosts some of the best local and international DJs as well as live acts. This club is a showy looking rooftop establishment in which tourists, expats and local celebrities all meet and dance to the beat of EDM, Hip Hop and trance tunes. Those looking for a good dance club and a good time are sure to come to this place.

  1. KX Kuala Lumpur

This is a high-end luxury club for those belonging to the higher society in Kuala Lumpur so dressing well is necessary when going to this club. This club is full of sophistication and style. It is also able to hold 350-450 people.

  1. Zion Club KL

This is one of the best nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur which has three glamorous areas under one roof. One of it is Phabric which has a neon-lit dancefloor, 808 Bar which is good for a midweek party with local acts and finally, the Reggae Cafe Bar. This club is great for party lovers as it only closes at 5am in the morning.

  1. Jiro Kuala Lumpur

This is both a bar and lounge hosting some of the greatest party nights with some of the best international DJs. You can relish an amazing bird’s eye views of places like Bangsar Village and Telawi while having cocktails and listening to House, Techno and Commercial music at the same time.

  1. Soju Sunway

This nightclub is located at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Bandar Sunway. This nightclub hosts a great list of international DJ’s, live acts, bands, dancers and mini concerts. This nightclub is also famous for its modern and glamorous decor filled with exclusive VIP rooms. Laser lights and a world class music scene will give you an unforgettable experience.

  1. The Box at Elysium Bar & Terrace

This nightclub has two areas under one roof. The Box has dark walls with little seating areas which gives the place an electric aura and hosts nights like The Sweatbox, Taboo and Dictatorship. The floor below has the main bar terrace section providing a slightly laidback setting and great views of the Petronas Twin Tower and the Kuala Lumpur Tower. This place is great for people who enjoy great drinks and delicious food as well.

  1. Le Noir KL

This nightclub has three stories and is in the Hive area of Trec. This nightclub is also full of glamour and grace. This nightclub has a dining space, clubbing floor as well as a rooftop bar which provides a great view of Kuala Lumpur that will leave visitors feeling satisfied.

Top 5 party destinations in Thailand

In Thailand for a few weeks to explore the party scene. Thailand is a country located in South-East Asia which is full of beauty and activities like partying. People from all over the world travel to this wonderful country to experience a different culture and party like there is no tomorrow. Here are 5 top party destinations in Thailand.

  1. The feeling of exploring Bangkok is a huge party for the senses

Have your face kissed by the strong and warm air, the exhaust fumes mixed with the scent of the street food stalls penetrate your nostrils, the constant sound of traffic, music and people chattering constantly reverberate in your eardrums, feast your eyes on different sights and have salty sea air, sweat, garbage, sugar and spice relax on your tongue.

Bangkok is the Thai capital filled with colours and contradictions. Modern shopping malls are located just right next to ancient urban villages and Michelin-starred restaurant staffs smoke with street food owners.

The nightlife in Bangkok is full of fire and intensity while Khao San Road has lots of backpackers from different parts of the world as well as street food stalls, restaurants, bars and clubs. The nightlife in Sukhumuvit is more sophisticated with nightclubs which are of a higher level.

  1. Chiang Mai has the wildest Songkran festival celebrations for you to experience

This water festival is held to celebrate the traditional New Year annually on April and Chiang Mai provides the best experience for this celebration. Thousands of people enjoy splashing each other wet with water guns, aqua cannons and other water carrying devices they have. Once you are in town during this period, you will get soaked up. This is also Thailand’s biggest national holiday which gets everyone involved in the celebration. The history of this festival started with the sprinkling of scented water over Buddha statues for good luck but it has evolved into a festivity of fun. The water drawn for splashing will be taken from the moat surrounding the Old City so be sure to vaccinate yourself before going. After all these are done, you get to drink, eat and party till the late night.

  1. Koh Phan offers more than just the Full Moon Party

There are a variety of different parties on this island with the Full Moon Party being one of the best. Maya is another party filled with music and live entertainment taking place 3 days before the Full Moon that takes place in the tropical jungle. Another party taking place in the jungle is The Eden Party at Guy’s Bar. There are also after-parties taking place after these full moon parties like the Backyard Afterparty.

  1. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and one of the best party destinations

Phuket is a large island with lots of gorgeous jungles and beaches. The party scene here is also very vibrant and energetic in places like Patong Beach while Phuket City and Karon both have more laid-back parties. As a result, adventurous people should not miss going to Phuket.

  1. Koh Phi Phi is a luxurious heaven on Earth for partying

This tiny island is full of vigour for party lovers all over the world. Snorkelling and diving in the cool Andaman Sea is also inexpensive and wonderful which enables others to swim alongside the friendly creatures in the sea.


11 of the best world’s party cities

Taking some time out of Czech to visit some party cities. When the word party is mentioned, it is all about feeling adventurous. The aim is to enjoy with others and drink like there is no tomorrow. Here are 11 of the world’s best party cities.

  1. Cancun, Mexico

In Cancun, there is something called ‘Zona Hotelera’ which locals know as the ‘Tourist Zone’ and travellers know as the ‘Party Zone’. This place has some of Cancun’s best clubs and it is also free for boozing and late nights in the first two weeks of March. The best partying experience happens during Spring Break while June till September has temperatures that don’t dip below 23⁰C. Cocobongo is one of the best clubs while The Blue Gecko Canttina is one of the best bars.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is home to things like canals, the red-light district, bikes and certain legal substances. This city has a variety of different clubs with some of the most well-known DJs which makes it a good place for music lovers. One of the best nightlife clubs is Shelter which is a subterannean club in the basement of A’DAM Tower. Another great club is De School while a good bar would be Cafe Sound Garden.

  1. New York City, USA

This place is one of the world’s best destination for partying. Trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s all came from New York which ended up influencing different generations. It has also spread to other American areas like Brooklyn, Bushwick and the Bronx. One great club to visit here is House of Yes while a great bar to visit here is The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: Southern Hospitality

Almost every day is Mardi Gras down the infamous Borbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Carnival season lasts from January till the end of February and the French Quarter of this city is full of jazz clubs, underground clubs and debauchery from every 24-hour bar. One of the club recommendations is Maison while one of the bar recommendations is Ye Olde Original Dungeon.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Copacabana

This place is known as Brazil’s party city with 1 million people going every year to attend a festival called Carnival which is celebrated since 1723. People in Rio party all the time even during off seasons. This place also has gay clubs, bars and venues. One good nightclub to go to in this city is The Week International. Another club recommendation is The Palaphita Gavea while a good bar recommendation is Bip Bip.

  1. Ibiza, Spain: Back to the Island

This place in Spain produced myriad films, TV shows and dance compilation CDs in the mid-to-late 90’s. Clubs like Pacha and Amnesia charge up to €50-70 per entry so certain customers may be turned off by the price. Pikes Ibiza is a good place to visit and a good club to go to is ‘Heart’ while a good bar to visit is ‘Sunset Ashram’.

  1. Berlin, Germany: Go Underground

This place is cheap, fun, cultural, cool and filled with clubs. To have access into the clubs, look tough by wearing the right attire, don’t be drunk, know the person playing on that night, speak some German or befriend one in the queue. Berghain is known for turning customers away so always have a backup plan. Two recommended clubs for visiting are Chalet and Club der Visionaere.

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel: A Mediterranean paradise

This place generally has very good climate. December and January are its coldest months with temperature down to 14⁰C on the average but summers in April to November has its temperature rising from 20-28⁰C. This place is also turning into Europe’s city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv has a variety of different bars like Speakeasy- Rooftop on Rothschild attracting stylish residents and Lucifer as well as clubs like Kuli Alms and The Breakfast Club.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand: Experience the exotic

This city is full of business, shopping, street foods, drinking, loud tourists and gorgeous sites. The Royal City Avenue in Huai Khwang district has neon lights, people wearing revealing clothes and attractive clubs like the Sing Sing Theatre and bars like Wong’ Place.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia: Discover unknown pleasures

Belgrade is one of the best party cities in Eastern Europe as it is famous for partying areas in some of the most peculiar places like KST club in University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering’s basement. Other clubs and bars recommendations are Barutana and Jazz Basta.

  1. London, England: Hang the DJ

Although this place is expensive, it offers those interested in partying a great time. It offers everything from cabaret to jazz and underground fetish clubs. Some of the best clubs and bars in this place are The Nest and Behind This Wall.

5 unusual things to do in Czech Republic

I’ve been in Czech for a few months now and had time to check out many things. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten track experience, here are some unusual experiences you can try:

  1. Walk along the largest walking “slide” in the world

This slide which is also known as “the trail in the sky” is 55 meters high located near the village of Dolni Morava. It is made of wood and steel. The spiral walkways to the top is 750 meters long. If one wishes to descend, the person can either walk downwards or use a 92-meter-long metal slide. One can lie down on a net strategically placed in the slide’s centre to look towards the ground or use a thick net sleeve to climb from one level to another. This structure is an attraction for many visitors.

  1. Sleep in a nuclear bunker

A former nuclear fallout shelter by the name of 10-Z in Czechia was built to house approximately 500 people if an attack occurs. Day tours are provided by the bunker which allows visitors to explore the command room, bathroom, watch special exhibitions, audio visual equipment and have extended night stays by “checking in”. Sleeping rooms have original furniture that resembles the ones from the 1950s. Certain rooms have bunker beds while others have single ones. Visitors can bring along their own sleeping bag or borrow a blanket and a retro military bag. The bunker has its own microclimate with temperatures up to 14⁰C with high humidity. The Milk Bar also serves authentic “war specials” for breakfast.

  1. Visit an ossuary to scare yourself

Czechia has several ossuaries like Kutna Hora and the biggest one in Czech Republic is inside the Church of St. James in Brno which is the second largest in Europe. Kutna Hora contains the bones the bones of more than 40,000 people who died in the Hussite Wars due to the Black Plague in the 1300s.

  1. Visit the toilet museum

The Museum of Hygiene in Prague contains various types of vessels used to dispose excreted human waste like chamber pots, wooden portable toilets and tiny ceramic options use by people like Lincoln, Napoleon and the people on the Titanic.

  1. Pay a visit to the Sex Machines Museum

This museum offers visitors a historical variety of sex devices like mechanical erotic appliances, masks and scary chastity belts from the 1500s. The museum also has specially designed chairs and stools with dummies to illustrate the machine functions. Shoes worn by Greek prostitutes and 1920s pornographic films are also inside the museum for people to see.

10 breathtaking UNESCO sites in The Czech Republic

12 different sites in The Czech Republic have been given UNESCO World Heritage status. These sites include places like castles, gardens, churches, villages, town centres and the whole of Prague.

  1. Holasovice

Although this place is just a tiny village full of white walls and attractive looking red roofs, it is rich in its historical heritage as the style it is built in is known as South Bohemian Folk Baroque and it is well taken care of. The building also withstood the plague epidemic in the 16th century that left only two survivors and the communist regime in the 20th century that resulted in many people deserting their farms which caused the village to be abandoned. Restoration began in 1990 and induction into the UNESCO list began in 1998.

  1. Kutna Hora

During the 13th to the 16th centuries, this place was flourishing due to it being the centre of silver mining. When the town was at its peak, the style of the buildings were Gothic. The Cathedral of St. Barbora which has an amazing mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture as a reflection of its construction period and the whole of Sedlec Ossuary which is decorated with human bones from a nearby cemetery are must see buildings.

  1. Lednice-Valtice

This place has the best of both worlds which are history and wine. It is the predecessor to one of the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic which is the current castle at Lednice. This castle is also the main home of the Liechtenstein family in 1249. It was kept until the events of World War 2 occurred which resulted in the process development of the entire area into an architecture and landscaping wonderland. Being forced out to Vaduz in 1939, the current owner is now the Czech state. This place is great for exploration and Moravian wine from Valtice can be bought.

  1. Tiebic

These two places in Tiebic which are Basilica of St. Procopious constructed in 1240-1280 which conforms to Romaneque and Gothic styles the Jewish Quarter which is one of the most well-kept Jewish ghettos in Europe are a proof of cultural and religious diversity.

  1. Villa Tugendhat

This place is constructed using modern European style architectural designs in the year 1928-1930. It was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and commissioned by the Tugendhat family, a rich Jewish family residing in Brno which is the second largest Czech Republic city. However, they were forced to leave their country for Switzerland in 1938 causing the villa to be taken over by the Nazis followed by the communists. The story of this place is well illustrated in the book named The Glass Room and visitors can also pay a visit to this place.

  1. Zelena Hora

Visitors to this place can go to the Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk built to honour one of the hometown saints. Saint John was killed by drowning in the Vitava River in 1393. His early education began in Zelena Hora. The church was built using Baroque styles with some Gothic touches in 1720 after the blessing process. It has an interesting shape which mixes circular elements with appearances of objects that are repeated in sets of five due to the five stars crowning him in the sky during his death’s night. The church and the buildings surrounding it have a star-like appearance when viewed from the top.

  1. Holy Trinity Column, Olomouc

Splendid monuments decorated with angels, saints and such are often erected by Europeans to honour God for ending plague epidemics. One good example is the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc which is also an amazing world Baroque sculpture. The builders and designers which were all citizens of Olomouc constructed this place in 1714-1716.

  1. Cesky Krumlov

This place is a good example of Renaissance charm. This town is extremely famous among visitors due to its beautiful centre having a massive Renaissance castle and amazing theatres. Various festivals are available here throughout the entire year. Summertime offers one the opportunity to raft down the river into town. Tourist season crowds the place so it is better to visit this beautiful place during off-seasons, late evenings and early mornings.

  1. Kromeriz

This place was originally a place for bishops to stay. The Leichtenstein family was also involved in the development of this place. Its landscape is well-maintained and colourful Baroque garden and a vast English garden which people can enjoy walking through on nice days. Visitors can also enjoy the town square and the amazing pubs in its surroundings.

  1. Prague’s Historical Centre

This place is the most well-known in Czech Republic. The buildings in this area first appeared around 800 and continuous development was seen since then. The place flourished greatly in the 14th century under King Charles Ⅳ’s reign who gave the name Charles Bridge which is the only stone bridge and part of the Old Town.

How to have the time of your life in Czech Republic

Today, I would like to share a list of the things you can do to have a great time in Czech Republic. In no order of preference, here they are:

  1. Discover Prague

Prague is a city filled with historical sights such as the 16th-century stone Charles Bridge, the 9th-century Prague Castle which is the world’s largest castle complex, cobbled alleyways and countless number of spires. The Astronomical Clock which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most visited sights in the city. Other unique sights in the city are places like Estate Theatre, the Old Jewish cemetery, the Strahov Monastery.

  1. Go for a hike at Bohemian Switzerland.

This national park spans 181km² of protected area in the country’s northern region. This place is renowned for its hiking, amazing canyons, sandstone rock formations and castles. Some castles are still in great condition but others have turned into ruins. Visitors can pay a visit to places like Trosky castle on the cliff top, Neo-Gothic Sychrov Castle, 14th-century Frydstejn Castle ruins and The Bozkov dolomite caves which has Czech Republic’s biggest underground lake.

  1. Enjoy white water rafting in Cesky Krumlov

This place is a city located in Southern Bohemia dating back to the 13th century. It is well-known for its architecture resulting in the Old Town Area being awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site seal of approval. It is also well-known for the Baroque court theatre which id one of few that is still intact in the world. The best rafting spots are upstream nearby the town of Vyssi Brod with shallow rapids as its standards. The lower part of the river has softer current for paddling and canoeing.

  1. Enjoy yourself by drinking beers

This country has a tradition rich in beer brewing as monks in Brevnov Monastery made the first batches of beer. The country is renowned for beer gardens and the production of famous world brands such as Pilsner Urquell, the world’s first pilsner and Budweiser Budvar.

  1. Explore different castles and chateaux

Prague has hundreds of different castles in which some are still in perfect condition with some are already in ruins. Most of these castles are open for the public to visit. Occupied castles allow limited tours while others have been turned into museums. Well preserved castles are like Prague and Karlstejn Castle while Hazmburk, the Gothic Hluboka nad Vltavou and the grand Lednice Chateau are in ruins. The oldest castle in the country is Olomouc Castle where Mozart resided during his short stay in the country.

  1. Scare yourself

Visitors in Czech Republic can also scare themselves by visiting places like Kutna Hora’s Sedlec Ossuary which is a church adorned with the bones of thousands of people who died during the Hussite Wars, St. George’s Church and the Museum of Torture Instruments in Prague.

  1. Discover past events

Due to the Communist rule in Czech Republic, various types of monuments and museums still exist as a reminder of those times. Prague’s memorial in the form of disappearing statues to Communism victims, Museum of Communism and Terezin/ Theresienstadt concentration camp are a few good examples.e

10 reasons why you should go to Czech Republic

What better way to kickstart my brand new adventures than on Easter? Czech means a lot to me. In fact, today, I will share with you 10 reasons why you should come to Czech:

  1. A value for money destination in Europe

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is full of beautiful European architecture in places like Old Town. Prague is also known as the City of a Hundred Spires as it has a grand skyline full of points and peak in every direction. The river also has gorgeous bridges leading to Prague Castle on the hilltop which compares the place to Paris. This place is value for money because it costs less than popular Western European countries like France and England.

  1. Castles with sunset views

Watching the sunset over the Prague Castle by standing across the Vitava River offers a sense of freedom, serenity and enchantment.

  1. Prague Castle

History buffs can enjoy Prague Castle as it is on top of a hill that overlooks a town. The place is also surrounded by gardens, tall, fancy trees and staircases paved with bricks which makes it look like a perfect fairy tale castle lighting up at night. It also has different flawless looking palace halls for generations of various royal families consisting of the sinister looking Saint Vitus Cathedral being its centrepiece.

  1. Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock is a well decorated clock tower overlooking Old Town Square. Visitors to the clock tower can watch the clock chiming from 9am to 9pm. To get an amazing city view, visitors can also purchase a ticket to enter the clock tower. Old Town Square also has shops, art galleries, restaurants and pubs for people to enjoy.

  1. Delicious foods

Foods in Prague are a combination of both traditional and modern recipes due to Communism. Communism resulted in only foods that are approved by the government. Due to the communist rule being lifted, traditional recipes are now recreated to suit the modern times. This results in Prague now having foods that are a mix of both the communist era as well as the modern era. Places like Art & Food in Prague offer fine dining while places like Café Savoy offer breakfast foods like eggs benedict, French toast, traditional breakfast platters from Prague and a variety of great tea. Lokal Dlouha offers traditional communist meals like working man’s meals and lots of beer while Field offers a variety of different meals that tantalise the taste buds while Zlata Praha offers foods like seafood dishes and melting chocolate orb dessert. Trdelnik, a Czech food called chimney cakes due to its shape and filled with different ice cream flavours.

  1. Synanogues

The Jewish Quarter is well preserved and full of history. The Jewish Quarter has different types of synanogues and a historical cemetery for visitors. The synanogues are must visit places especially the Spanish and Jerusalem Synanogue.

  1. Tower Climbing

Prague has different towers and hills for climbing to have a great view of the place such as Prague Astronomical Clock, Saint Charles Bridge Tower, Clementium Library Tower and Hanavsky Pavilion.

  1. Saint Charles Bridge

This place is a well-renowned 15th century stone bridge leading to Prague Castle along the royal road which is adorned with saint statues and a gothic tower on both ends. Local artists and vendors stand alongside the bridge walls during daytime with visitors all over the world walking past the bridge. The Saint John of Nepomuk, the most beloved saint of Prague who was drowned has its statue and plaques around. Touching them is said to bring good fortune to someone.

  1. Hidden treasures

Prague offers visitors different types of wonderful treasures such as winding corridors and staircases, interesting shops and cafes. Prague also has The John Lennon Memorial Wall, Starbucks, Gingerbread shops, unconventional museums, modern art, jazz clubs, amazing nightlife, a mini Eiffel Tower, a dancing lady building, a love lock bridge and many other wonderful attractions.

  1. Friendly people

Prague is full of friendly people willing to lend a hand to others whenever possible. Even though Czech is the official language of Prague, English is spoken by many others as well so it would be easy for many English speakers to get around.