10 reasons why you should go to Czech Republic

What better way to kickstart my brand new adventures than on Easter? Czech means a lot to me. In fact, today, I will share with you 10 reasons why you should come to Czech:

  1. A value for money destination in Europe

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is full of beautiful European architecture in places like Old Town. Prague is also known as the City of a Hundred Spires as it has a grand skyline full of points and peak in every direction. The river also has gorgeous bridges leading to Prague Castle on the hilltop which compares the place to Paris. This place is value for money because it costs less than popular Western European countries like France and England.

  1. Castles with sunset views

Watching the sunset over the Prague Castle by standing across the Vitava River offers a sense of freedom, serenity and enchantment.

  1. Prague Castle

History buffs can enjoy Prague Castle as it is on top of a hill that overlooks a town. The place is also surrounded by gardens, tall, fancy trees and staircases paved with bricks which makes it look like a perfect fairy tale castle lighting up at night. It also has different flawless looking palace halls for generations of various royal families consisting of the sinister looking Saint Vitus Cathedral being its centrepiece.

  1. Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock is a well decorated clock tower overlooking Old Town Square. Visitors to the clock tower can watch the clock chiming from 9am to 9pm. To get an amazing city view, visitors can also purchase a ticket to enter the clock tower. Old Town Square also has shops, art galleries, restaurants and pubs for people to enjoy.

  1. Delicious foods

Foods in Prague are a combination of both traditional and modern recipes due to Communism. Communism resulted in only foods that are approved by the government. Due to the communist rule being lifted, traditional recipes are now recreated to suit the modern times. This results in Prague now having foods that are a mix of both the communist era as well as the modern era. Places like Art & Food in Prague offer fine dining while places like Café Savoy offer breakfast foods like eggs benedict, French toast, traditional breakfast platters from Prague and a variety of great tea. Lokal Dlouha offers traditional communist meals like working man’s meals and lots of beer while Field offers a variety of different meals that tantalise the taste buds while Zlata Praha offers foods like seafood dishes and melting chocolate orb dessert. Trdelnik, a Czech food called chimney cakes due to its shape and filled with different ice cream flavours.

  1. Synanogues

The Jewish Quarter is well preserved and full of history. The Jewish Quarter has different types of synanogues and a historical cemetery for visitors. The synanogues are must visit places especially the Spanish and Jerusalem Synanogue.

  1. Tower Climbing

Prague has different towers and hills for climbing to have a great view of the place such as Prague Astronomical Clock, Saint Charles Bridge Tower, Clementium Library Tower and Hanavsky Pavilion.

  1. Saint Charles Bridge

This place is a well-renowned 15th century stone bridge leading to Prague Castle along the royal road which is adorned with saint statues and a gothic tower on both ends. Local artists and vendors stand alongside the bridge walls during daytime with visitors all over the world walking past the bridge. The Saint John of Nepomuk, the most beloved saint of Prague who was drowned has its statue and plaques around. Touching them is said to bring good fortune to someone.

  1. Hidden treasures

Prague offers visitors different types of wonderful treasures such as winding corridors and staircases, interesting shops and cafes. Prague also has The John Lennon Memorial Wall, Starbucks, Gingerbread shops, unconventional museums, modern art, jazz clubs, amazing nightlife, a mini Eiffel Tower, a dancing lady building, a love lock bridge and many other wonderful attractions.

  1. Friendly people

Prague is full of friendly people willing to lend a hand to others whenever possible. Even though Czech is the official language of Prague, English is spoken by many others as well so it would be easy for many English speakers to get around.