Top 5 party destinations in Thailand

In Thailand for a few weeks to explore the party scene. Thailand is a country located in South-East Asia which is full of beauty and activities like partying. People from all over the world travel to this wonderful country to experience a different culture and party like there is no tomorrow. Here are 5 top party destinations in Thailand.

  1. The feeling of exploring Bangkok is a huge party for the senses

Have your face kissed by the strong and warm air, the exhaust fumes mixed with the scent of the street food stalls penetrate your nostrils, the constant sound of traffic, music and people chattering constantly reverberate in your eardrums, feast your eyes on different sights and have salty sea air, sweat, garbage, sugar and spice relax on your tongue.

Bangkok is the Thai capital filled with colours and contradictions. Modern shopping malls are located just right next to ancient urban villages and Michelin-starred restaurant staffs smoke with street food owners.

The nightlife in Bangkok is full of fire and intensity while Khao San Road has lots of backpackers from different parts of the world as well as street food stalls, restaurants, bars and clubs. The nightlife in Sukhumuvit is more sophisticated with nightclubs which are of a higher level.

  1. Chiang Mai has the wildest Songkran festival celebrations for you to experience

This water festival is held to celebrate the traditional New Year annually on April and Chiang Mai provides the best experience for this celebration. Thousands of people enjoy splashing each other wet with water guns, aqua cannons and other water carrying devices they have. Once you are in town during this period, you will get soaked up. This is also Thailand’s biggest national holiday which gets everyone involved in the celebration. The history of this festival started with the sprinkling of scented water over Buddha statues for good luck but it has evolved into a festivity of fun. The water drawn for splashing will be taken from the moat surrounding the Old City so be sure to vaccinate yourself before going. After all these are done, you get to drink, eat and party till the late night.

  1. Koh Phan offers more than just the Full Moon Party

There are a variety of different parties on this island with the Full Moon Party being one of the best. Maya is another party filled with music and live entertainment taking place 3 days before the Full Moon that takes place in the tropical jungle. Another party taking place in the jungle is The Eden Party at Guy’s Bar. There are also after-parties taking place after these full moon parties like the Backyard Afterparty.

  1. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and one of the best party destinations

Phuket is a large island with lots of gorgeous jungles and beaches. The party scene here is also very vibrant and energetic in places like Patong Beach while Phuket City and Karon both have more laid-back parties. As a result, adventurous people should not miss going to Phuket.

  1. Koh Phi Phi is a luxurious heaven on Earth for partying

This tiny island is full of vigour for party lovers all over the world. Snorkelling and diving in the cool Andaman Sea is also inexpensive and wonderful which enables others to swim alongside the friendly creatures in the sea.